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Generic Tadalafil: How It Functions

Generic Tadalafil is an efficient medication able to not only improve your sexual life but also advance a better blood circulation. This med type performs the same function as the Cialis. The main purpose of Tadalafil Citrate is treating impotence, yet it is also great for BHP or light prostatic hyperplasia. Moreover, if you have enlarged prostate gland, buy Tadalafil. The Cialis Tadalafil is your best treatment!

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Necessary Cialis Dosage

When ordering Cialis medication, it is essential to be attentive with the Cialis dosage you take. The recommended starting dose for most patients is Cialis 5mg. It must be taken the same hour every day regardless your sexual activity time. It can be increased to Cialis 10mg or even Cialis 20 mg gradually if the low dosage does not provide the necessary effect. This may depend on a patient's individual tolerability and efficacy. In all cases, the Cialis daily usage can not exceed one pill per day. This is the dosage for Cialis for daily use in case you need to treat your erectile dysfunction. The med is to be taken without any regard to food.

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